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Vintage Replica Cartier Tank Eye for the Modern Guy

As I’ve previously mentioned in my take on the Jaeger-LaCoultre Reverso, I have a soft spot in my heart for square and rectangular watches. To me, they represent a period long past: an era pre-Golden Age horology, pre-Quartz Crisis, and pre-Modern: a time when a watch was either a tool or an event accessory, with little else in-between. The Cartier Tank replica watch is no exception to this nostalgia, and is in fact considered one of the icons of this style, as evidenced by the many imitators that followed it.


Cartier (the brand) has long prided itself on the Tank’s rich history. Originally developed in 1917 by Louis Cartier, and released to the general market in 1919, it went from being among the first watches handed to American General Pershing for his service during World War I, to being chosen as the timepiece of choice for President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy, to becoming — perhaps most impressively — one of the very few watch models just as popular with men as it is with women. The Cartier Tank is nothing to scoff at, and while I have number of reservations about the series overall (mostly due to the use of quartz movements in several of them), the watch has earned its place in horology and continues to evolve as a truly classic piece.


While the Cartier Tank long has long been known as a rather fashion-forward series, Cartier has always kept one or two models in its rotation that directly honor the early pieces of the 1920s. Today, those models are the Tank Louis Cartier and the Tank Solo, the first of which we will look at. The Tank Louis Cartier, for the most part, keeps to the original spirit of the Tank watch. Hitting many of the major Tank keys, the piece is housed in an 18k gold, 29.5 mm x 22 mm case, maintains a white Art Deco-style dial with black minute counter and Roman numerals, uses steel-blue sword hands, and, possibly most characteristic of all, has a sapphire-beaded crown. This particular watch is available in larger sizes with some models coming with a date wheel, and starts at a price around $9,000.


The most noticeable change between this watch and its historical predecessors is the movement; I’ll spoil the plot and tell you right now that it’s quartz. Now, of course I have already admitted to an anti-quartz bias, and Fake Cartier UK has been known to focus almost primarily on quartz movements since at least the 1970s (go check out the vintage Les Must de Cartier collection), but to me, there is little excuse for Cartier’s most historically important timepiece not to contain a traditional mechanical movement.

In truth, however, the reason why Cartier uses uses quartz movements in these watches is abundantly clear: the Cartier Tank was (and is) famous not because of superb or innovative mechanics, but much more due to a design that made it the replica watch that so many people want as their personal accessory. Andy Warhol somewhat notably said, “I don’t wear a Tank watch to tell the time. Actually, I never even wind it. I wear a Tank because it is the watch to wear!” I can only imagine that many other people shared this sentiment, and Cartier was smart enough to adjust the product accordingly.


In the spirit of Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy, the second watch we will look at is the more contemporarily designed Tank Anglaise. This watch was released in 2012, with its stated aim to “perfectly embody” Louis Cartier’s desire for seamless design. While the watch is available in 17 different variations in many different metals, sizes, and bracelets — starting from a $4,850 steel case and going all the way up to a diamond-encrusted $168,000 case — the piece has quickly caught the attention of many consumers for its modern Cartier appeal. The model I am focusing on is a steel “large model” (Ref. W5310009), housed in a 39.2 mm x 29.8 mm case, using a nine-sided protected crown with iconic sapphire tip, and on a satin-finished, polished steel bracelet. The watch also features a two-toned flinqué and silvered dial with date window, steel-blue sword hands, and traditional Tank Roman numerals and minute counter. The whole piece is powered by an automatic movement, Cartier Caliber 077.


Given a choice to wear one, I would actually prefer the Tank Louis Cartier over the Tank Anglaise. You may be wondering why, given my previous comments, but the simple truth is that I find the Anglaise, is more an accessory than a tribute. While the watch certainly pays homage to past references — with the dial’s decals, general proportions, and sapphire tipped crown — I find it lacks the historical inspiration and simplicity that defines the older Tank models. I do love the automatic movement, which I’m sure was added as an effort to pay tribute to Louis Cartier and the era of watches in which he lived. But still, this piece appears to be a push deeper into the fashion-oriented, rather than the horology-oriented, realm of the watch world.


Cartier Tank watches are undeniably cool. They’re iconic, and chances are most people (even if they aren’t watch geeks) can identify one in the wild, which always makes for a good conversation. But the series is not without flaws. While I’m positive Cartier will have no problem selling these watches for many more decades, no matter how much the brand strays from the model’s original look and feel, the Cartier Tank is one of the last remnants of the vintage Art Deco era, and I would hate to see it lose its individualistic quality. Have I mentioned that I love square watches?

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Caleb Anderson is the Director of Outreach at the online vintage and antique watch boutique Since starting at Theo & Harris, he has garnered extensive knowledge on vintage watches, and spends much of his time sharing his opinions within the field. Currently located near New York City, he is a persistent student in all things historical, a writer on watches, and a casual runner.

Replica Watches De Bethune DB27 D Polo edition

— The swiss replica watches brand presented a 10-piece limited edition of the DB27 at the occasion of the De Bethune Princely Polo Cup held in Vaduz.


Traditionally equipped with a protective cover or swivelled over into its housing, the classic polo player’s watch cannot display the time during play without risk of damage.

Thanks to its case equipped with an ultra-sturdy outer shell or ‘hull’, together with perfectly integrated and protected apertures, reading off the time during chukkas is now possible with this limited-edition DB27.

The digital jumping hours display and the minutes indicator enable a clear and instant time indication without any actual handling of the replica watches.

In its research work on new procedures and materials, De Bethune found that the choice of machining hardened steel – a material that has been used for centuries by various civilisations – and of combining its properties (notably including hardness) with those of a carbon-based coating, was a viable and sustainable alternative solution for ensuring a watch’s shock resistance. This vacuum-based treatment with a layer of carbon and hydrogen is generally applied to stainless steel in the swiss replica watch industry, whereas the blackened polished hardened steel of the DB27 unites the ideal characteristics that considerably enhance the robustness and elasticity of the case – whose extreme hardness results in a degree of resistance verging on that of the diamond.

Calibre S233D from the Manufacture is equipped with De Bethune patented and innovative features, notably including the patented triple pare-chute shock-absorbing system that protects the regulating organ from repeated and violent shocks.

DB27 D Polo edition. © Swiss Replica Watches UK

The 43 mm round case with its 12 o’clock crown leaves comfortable space on the wrist thanks to short floating lugs. These articulated lugs are equipped with a patented spring-based system that enables the fake watches uk to adjust to the wrist and to polo players’ movements in order to achieve ultimate comfort and elegance.

In an appealing aesthetic touch, the shimmering overall black polished effect is enlivened by a pink gold medallion hand-engraved with two mallets and inlaid with a hand-polished white gold ball.

The creators of the DB27 D Polo edition, David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet, are thus placing their signature on an exclusive model backed by technical and aesthetic research applied to enhancing the legibility and functionality of the finished object.

The Swiss Replica Watch Brands’ Biggest Challenge

When Chinese policy makers devalued the renminbi last month, the subsequent ripples through global markets were just the latest in a long line of currency shocks to rock the Swiss luxury replica watch industry this year. Yet even as investors quickly dumped shares in European luxury goods players with sizable exposure to the Chinese consumer market, including LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton and Richemont, and as fresh fears of further slowdowns in luxury sales rose, at least one of the coterie’s high-end watchmakers voiced confidence in the future.

“The devaluation of the yuan is just a wave in the ocean compared to the tsunami that hit us in January after the dissolution of the franc cap,” said Jean-Claude Biver, chief executive of TAG Heuer and head of LVMH’s watch division, which includes his brand as well as Hublot and Zenith. “That knocked us into real crisis.” He referred to the Swiss central bank’s unexpected decision to scrap an artificial cap that kept the Swiss franc pegged to the euro — which dropped it from 1.20 francs to the euro on Jan. 14 to 0.85 franc the following day. By late August, the currency was at 1.08 francs to the euro.

“It is still too early to tell exactly what will happen, but the reality is, our industry has coped with much more than this over the years, and we will do so again,” Mr. Biver continued. “For now, I believe we have gone through the worst of the worst and have entered a period of consolidation and stability.” Mr. Biver’s optimism should be welcomed by contemporaries in the Swiss replica watch industry weary of the prospect of more obstacles to growth. The change in the franc increased their production costs and created large pricing variations across sales regions. Most Swiss watchmakers had to offset the mismatch between their costs and revenue bases by either increasing or slashing prices, or by accepting a new and uncomfortable era of lower margins.

For example, Patek Philippe Replica decreased its prices in February 7 percent in North and South America, 5 percent in Switzerland, 7 percent in Hong Kong and 3 percent in the rest of Asia and the Pacific, while increasing its prices 7 percent in the eurozone and 5 percent in Japan. And Richemont, the world’s second largest luxury goods company by market capitalization and owner of replica watch brands such as IWC Schaffhausen and Piaget, reported a 35 percent decline in net income in May because of losses on hedging contracts it had bought to cope with currency fluctuations.

“We’ve got to get on with life,” the Richemont chairman, Johann Rupert, said after reporting the tumble, adding that moving production out of Switzerland was not an option. As for exchange rate volatility, “we survived it before and I think we’ll survive it again,” he continued. “Switzerland is still a wonderful place to do business.” Jon Cox, an analyst at Kepler Cheuvreux in Switzerland, estimated that every move of 1 percentage point in the Swiss franc now costs Richemont 10 basis points, or one tenth of one percent, of its profit margin.

For Swatch Group, which focuses more on middle-market timepieces, he said the same change in the franc cuts 20 basis points, or two-tenths of 1 percent from its margin. But Mr. Cox also noted that narrowing price differentials, coupled with a gradual strengthening of both the euro and the dollar against the franc, is improving the position of Swiss brands. High-end watch sales in the United States and purchases made by domestic European shoppers have been solid in recent months, he added, noting that price stabilization and a careful rein on inventory levels actually may prompt Chinese shoppers used to spending abroad to spend closer to home instead.

“Many brands have put significant investment into their operations in Hong Kong and China,” Mr. Cox said, “and would like to see that pay off after years of Chinese tourists’ going further afield to make luxury purchases in Europe and elsewhere in Asia to take advantage of more competitive prices. “Perhaps this latest chapter in the currency wars is actually beneficial for all concerned, especially when it comes to combating the gray market which has created a real headache for the luxury replica watch world,” he said, referring to daigou sales — shoppers who buy luxury goods in bulk outside China to sell for personal profit at home.

Weakening demand from Chinese tourists shopping across Asia has been cited as the primary reason there was a 9.3 percent decline in Swiss replica watch exports in July, the steepest monthly decline since November 2009. But Luca Solca, head of luxury goods at Exane BNP Paribas in Paris, noted in late August that exports were down only 1.2 percent over all in 2015 and that some pressure on companies’ earnings comparables was expected to ease toward the end of the fourth quarter. (It will have been a year since the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests first began to take their toll on shopping revenues in the city.)

He also pointed to robust second-quarter performances by companies such as LVMH as indicators of continuing luxury demand and said the decline in share prices created by the Swiss franc cap removal had moderated for companies such as Swatch and Richemont to 5 to 6 percent. “The boom days are undeniably over for brands, replaced instead with a constant balancing act which is as much an alchemy as a science,” Mr. Solca said. “The peak of the Chinese demand days are now behind us. “The road to success is far less obvious than it once was, but there are positive signs when it comes to long-term growth. Time will tell.”

Luxury replica watch internet auction site

Luxury Replica Watches

(STARWATCHES.CO.UK) June 20, 2015 – Leatherball,Inc., based in Tokyo, began accepting auction items from countries other than Japan for its luxury replica watch internet auction site Timepeaks on June 10.

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While other auction sites charge a bidding fee of 10%, Timepeaks only charges one of 5%.

Commission fees are usually around 30%, but we don’t charge any commission fees at Timepeaks which is another feature of our service.

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And the most badass, epic review of all:

“I could not agree more with Mike on this one. This watch isn’t simply a watch. It is a priceless heirloom, meticulously crafted by Patek Phillipe and his assistant, Jesus Christ. Patek’s affiliate company, Les Pretentious Doux, supplies Patek and Jesus with only the finest gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and unicorn tears to assemble these timeless works of art.

The wristband is made from dragonscale and minotaur hide and was saddle-stitched by Abraham Lincoln… postmortem.

The centerpiece is forged purely from platinum and the souls of starved children; children who didn’t deserve to eat because they did not have one of these classic gems. Perhaps the greatest feature of this watch is its time-telling feature.

The good people at Patek wanted to ensure that their customers have only the finest replica watches uk when they decide to not give anyone else the time… and why would they?

It’s their time, not that lowly cretin’s. This watch’s value is unparalleled and makes a great addition to any collection of jewelry, accessories, clothing or Nazi memorabilia.

At just over $100,000, there has never been an easier way to say, “I am better than you and you know it.”

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Watchmakers race to get smartwatches to Swiss

Swiss replica watch shops will be stocked with a whole new range of smartwatches in coming weeks as producers race Apple to get a lead in Switzerland, the home of brands such as Replica Rolex and Patek Philippe.

Montblanc showcased an “e-Strap,” which can make a fake watch receive emails and control music playlists, at a press briefing on Friday. The device, which is clipped into the band of a watch, will go on sale at the end of this month.

The Apple Replica Watch enters Switzerland June 26, and Swiss watchmakers are scrambling to add electronic functions to their products. Elmar Mock, one of the inventors of the Swatch, said in March that the Californian company’s device may cause an “ice age” for the Swiss replica watch industry. Other experts feel it will take time before tech companies pose a threat.