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Cockpit Companion: Longines Avigation Replica Watch Type A-7 1935

Longines continues to grow its Heritage collection, which consists of modern timepieces inspired by vintage classics from the Swiss brand’s long and rich history. The latest addition is the Longines Avigation Replica Watch Type A-7 1935 — a contemporary replica of a watch Longines provided to U.S. Army pilots starting in 1935.


The watch — a successor to the original replica Longines Avigation Watch Type A-7, launched in 2012 with a black dial — derives its heritage from Longines’s historic ties to the world of aviation and its early-20th-century pioneers — including Charles Lindbergh, who famously helped Longines design one of its most historically significant pieces, the original Hour Angle replica watch, in 1931. The vintage timepiece on which this model is based needed to meet a precise set of criteria for precision, legibility, and sturdiness in order to merit the designation “Type A-7” imposed by the Army for its pilots’ watches. Like the original model, the new Avigation Type A-7 1935 has its dial angled at 40º to the right, which enabled a pilot in a cockpit — who would wear the watch on the inside rather than the outside of his wrist — to read the time without having to release his aircraft’s control yoke.

The vintage elements on the white-lacquered dial include large, legible, honey-colored Arabic numerals; “pear skeleton” hour and minute hands in blued steel, filled in with honey varnish; and a train-track chapter ring around the perimeter. The fake watch has a 41-mm stainless steel case with a large, vintage-style fluted crown, whose original purpose was to make it easy for a pilot to operate the watch even while wearing gloves.


The Longines Avigation Watch Type A-7 1935 (the name, by the way, is an amalgam of “aviation” and “navigation”) is equipped with an automatic movement, Caliber L788.2, which is a exclusive to Longines replica and based on the reliable ETA A08.L11. In addition to powering the hours and minutes, small seconds, and date (the latter two in a subdial at 6 o’clock), the movement is equipped with a chronograph, which is driven by a column wheel and operated by a monopusher embedded in the off-center crown. It stores a power reserve of 54 hours and runs at a frequency of 28,800 vph. The central chronograph counter hand ticks off the seconds, while the subdial at 12 o’clock tallies elapsed times up to 30 minutes. The replica watch is mounted on a brown alligator strap with a steel buckle and costs $205.

Refined style tasting Tissot T-CLASSIC force Locke series stainless steel watch

[Watch watches Tasting House] was founded in 1853, the Swiss watch brand Tissot adhering to the “innovation, from the traditional” concept, has maintained exceptional quality and precise performance.

Tissot force Locke replica watches sale with meticulous details of the deal full of elegant design. Watch House today for everyone to bring a refined and meticulous Tissot T-CLASSIC force Locke replica watches, the official Model: T41.1.483.53.
This swiss replica watches  with silver and black with two pure restrained color so watch there is a subtle beauty. Simple dial, delicate details of the deal gives a sense of refined elegance. swiss replica Watches list with outstanding build quality stainless steel round case, within 38 hours available equipped with a power reserve automatic mechanical movement.

Time and date display watch black dial, waterproof to 30 meters and features very practical. Cheap swiss Watches  with a solid steel chain straps, folding clasp. Solid steel circular crown decorated with delicate side grooved, easy to grasp to adjust on the watch function; crown top Tissot iconic letter “T”. After careful watch crown polished, rounded tentacle, take comfort.

Replica Watches sale  with a chain by a solid steel strap, short strap links have caused, in seven rows of staggered; meticulously polished combination chain link strap processed into smooth and bright, showing a steel unique metallic .

In addition, the strap fitted with a folding clasp. Round Diameter 39.3 mm and a thickness of 9.75 mm, with brushed polished bezel level case and polished clear, showing a stable and secure metal texture. Because after careful sanding, case surface is smooth, rounded edges and corners. Swiss replica Watches  black dial design simple and elegant, decorated with fine central portion has caused squares fitted grooved outer ring was smooth.

Willow-shaped pointer dial center, at the edge of a silver Roman numerals as hour markers and white minute scale, three o’clock date display window. Further, in the 12 o’clock position of the dial decorated with the Tissot brand logo at 6 o’clock there is the family name. Dial three o’clock position in a square window displays the date, in the form of a white underside of the black Arabic numerals display, black and white color display make very clear at a glance.

Swiss replica Watches lugs short delicate, its integrally molded case and lugs surface after polished, rounded edges and corners. Lugs and case connection through design ingenuity, the convergence of natural beauty. Table ear was slightly curved, allowing more wrist watch when worn and fit. Placed in the strap buckle folding table fitted with push opening mechanism, opening and closing simple, so wear more convenient. Tissot watch buckle engraved logo, highlighting the brand delicate handling of details of the office.
This watch back through the table using the bottom, on the bottom of the table engraved Tissot logo and exquisite ornamentation, distinguished and elegant. It can be seen mounted inside the automatic mechanical movement through the transparent table mirror. This movement model: ETA 2824-2, vibration frequency of 28,800 times / hour, and after  the full string can provide 38 hours of power reserve.

This swiss replica watches design is simple, exquisite workmanship, and equipped with excellent and stable movement, is an excellent watch. Watch refined style is very suitable for the elegant man, wearing the wrist can not only bring great convenience to life, but can also highlight the personal taste, highlighting the elegance, is a living can be a faithful companion


Sheffield eBay crook jailed for selling stolen designer shoes and fake watches

Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson

A Sheffield crook who sold stolen designer shoes and fake watches and boots on eBay has been jailed for four-and-a-half years. Kevin Johnson even had the cheek to advertise counterfeit items thieved from a Trading Standards warehouse which still had their police tags.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Johnson, aged 47, of Birley Moor Drive, handled goods stolen from ‘professionally planned’ break-ins at two warehouses in the east end of the city. Prosecutor Ian Goldsdack said the Darnall premises of vintage clothing firm Rocket Originals were raided in July, 2012 and £48,000 in clothes, shoes and accessories taken.

A regular customer spotted some of the shoes being advertised on eBay a month later and Johnson was arrested but denied knowing the items were stolen. More of the shoes were later found at lock-up garages in Occupation Lane near Johnson’s home and empty shoe boxes at his house.

Johnson was also warned off by police after contacting the firm’s owners by email. He continued trading while on police bail and the Trading Standards warehouse at Carbrook Business Park was broken into in March 2014 and counterfeit boots worth up to £9,000 and replica watches uk valued up to £15,000 were stolen. Some of these were also found in the garages.

Three co-accused are yet to face court proceedings and divorcee Johnson was said by the prosecution to have recruited them into the enterprise. Johnson also threatened his nephew Lee Rogers and his wife. The garages were registered to Mr Rogers but ‘controlled’ by Johnson, said Mr Goldsack.

The defendant asked Mr Rogers to tell police he had sold the lock-ups but Mr Rogers said he would tell the truth. Johnson, who was imprisoned for two years in 2002 for causing grievous bodily harm to another relative, threatened him over the phone at work and made false allegations to social services that he was mixed up with drugs.

Mr Rogers, who has two children, told police he and his wife Leonie were ‘absolutely petrified’ and he was worried Johnson might turn up at his house and assault him. They had installed CCTV at their home and his wife was frightened to go out of the house with the kids. Mr Goldsack said: “One of their sons kept asking if Uncle Kevin is going to kill his dad.”

The court heard the couple who run Rocket Originals had to borrow money from the bank to keep their fledgling business afloat. Johnson admitted conspiracy to convert criminal property between July, 2012 and April, 2014 and witness intimidation. Anthony Kelbrick, defending, said Johnson had been on remand since last June when he was arrested for the intimidation offence.

“He has some mental health issues and is not an intelligent man,” he said. “He is not blessed with a considerable amount of intelligence.” Judge Robert Moore said: “You took delivery of many of the shoes and used your eBay account to sell them and stored some of them in garages owned by you.”

He said others were ‘above him’ in the burglaries and handling and added: “It may be you were paying some of the proceeds to these other people.” The Judge said he caused ‘genuine and widespread fear’ with the threats to his nephew. Johnson was also given a 10-year restraining order barring him from contacting the Rogers and another couple or going within 200 yards of their homes.

Longines Replica Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships 2015

— Margarita Mamun awarded with the Longines Replica Watches Prize for Elegance at the 34th Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships 2015.


The jury of the Longines Prize for Elegance brought together Bruno Grandi, FIG President, Magdalena Brzeska, 26-time German Champion in rhythmic gymnastics, Rainer Eckert, Brand Manager Longines Germany, and Walter von Kanel, President of Longines Replica Watches Sale UK. The basis for evaluating, judging and awarding the Prize included emotional appeal extending beyond technical considerations to beauty and femininity, grace and harmony of movement, and above all, elegance.

Set up in 1997, the Longines Prize for Elegance takes the form of a trophy representing a gymnast in movement created especially for Longines by the Swiss artist Jean-Pierre Gerber. In addition, the winner received an elegant Longines timepiece and a cheque. Besides, the Official Watch of the 34th Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships was a lady model of the Longines DolceVita collection, cased in steel, decorated with diamonds and featuring a silver-coloured “flinqué” dial adorned with painted Roman numerals. This timepiece represents contemporary elegance of the Fake Longines watchmaking brand worldwide. It perfectly illustrated the elegance of this world class competition.

Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships 2015 © Longines Replica

Yana Kudryavtseva clinched the World Championships all-around title for the third year in a row. She also captured three gold medals in individual ribbon, ball and clubs, as well as the team title with her Russian compatriots Margarita Mamun and Aleksandra Soldatova. Famous for her ball-spinning tricks as well as her spectacular ribbon routines, she demonstrated once again that she is one of the best rhythmic gymnasts of her generation.

Longines first became involved in gymnastics in 1912, when it launched an innovative electro-mechanical timing system. For over twenty years the brand has been the official partner and timekeeper for artistic and rhythmic gymnastics competitions organized by the International Gymnastics Federation. At these events, Longines provides the necessary infrastructure and personnel for calculating times, presenting scores, processing data (start lists, results, and medals) and displaying it on the results screens, on the commentators’ information system as well as transmitting it to the television companies that are covering the competitions.

Russian gymnast Margarita Mamun winner of the Longines Prize for Elegance. © Longines Replica Watches

Should You Get an Apple Replica Watch Protector Case


An Apple Replica Watch is elegant in design, so to many people a protector seems repugnant. Who gets a protector for a swiss watch? You wouldn’t put a protective case on expensive watches like a Replica Rolex. However, with an Apple Sport Watch designed for active use, there are some good reasons for the added precaution of a case.



Replica Watches trap oils and bacteria so it’s no surprise some people are getting rashes from an Apple watch. Other people have a reaction to the metal. While the Apple Replica Watch didn’t give me a rash — my Fitbit sure did. A fake watch protector can help some people with rashes. The protector shields the skin from most of the metal parts (except for the parts in the band). It also prevents the watch from moving around and causing friction with the metal. Without bordering on TMI, when I started wearing a protector, my wrist wasn’t as funky. Washing the protector was a breeze, too.



Apple limits the colors of the bands and the watch cases. For the sport, it’s just silver or black metal for the watch. You can pay $49 for a different band, but that won’t change the color of the replica watches uk. If your family has more than one watch, you don’t want to pick the wrong one. Just like an iPhone case, a protector adds a little individuality. My preferred protector turned my silver Sport Watch into a black one. I’m a big fan of black and green.



The obvious reason to get an Apple watch protector is to protect it. You can get Apple Care for $49 and then pay $69 to replace the glass. That coverage doesn’t include scratches – I tried and it only includes breakage. I realized how my watch was getting scratched: on the treadmill. Moving my arms back and forth caused my wrist to brush the sides of the equipment. The other cause was my workout gloves rubbing against the surface. The rubberized protector created just enough of barrier that it rubbed against those surfaces instead of the watch face.

Speaking of those gloves, they constantly hit the digital crown or side button. That was quite frustrating during working out. My protector fixed that problem, but I had to find the right one. With the heart rate monitor, a slippery wrist caused the watch to move, which affected the readings. The protector keeps the watch more in its place and prevents sliding, as mentioned under hygiene.

After a few weeks I found the place I got the most scratches is when I’d irresponsibly put my Apple Watch on the table with the face down. The protector lifts the glass just enough off the table that I didn’t scratch it as easily. Early reports say, for some users, the back of the Apple watch is wearing off. I don’t have that problem, but I’m confident a watch protector would prevent that.

Which Ones?

Although I didn’t test them all, I took a good survey of the field. Apple Replica Watch cases are a moving target, so the specifics may be out of date quickly, but cases fit into three basic categories

Basic Bumper


Most of these are under $10. I tried the Poetic’s Turtle Skins protector and it was $5.95 with free Amazon Prime shipping and a three-year warranty. It completely got the job done for me. I liked the $9.99 Luvvitt Ultra Armor case a slight bit better because it had a digital crown protector.

Reinforced Bumper


Companies like Speck make protectors that include some hard plastic along with the basic bumper material. I tried the CandyShell and it was a great protector. But I didn’t like the bulk it added to my fake watch.

Integrated Case and Band


Companies like Lunatik ($69.95) and Poetic ($24.95) sell Apple Replica Watch bands that include an integrated case. These let you completely change the look of your Apple Watch along with giving it some extra protection. I didn’t try these cases because I like my green Sport Watch band. When I get bored with that green, I’ll probably try one of these cases. However, they are more expensive than just a simple protector.

Some caveats to an Apple Replica Watch Protector

Most of these plastic covers are thin and flimsy. I couldn’t test long term, but I think with oils and sweat, they’ll break down easily. I don’t expect mine to last more than a year or so. By then my watch will probably be an antique compared to newer models.

One annoying problem I saw with all the cases is the replica watch didn’t always seat on my charger correctly. I’d have to position it just right on my charger, otherwise I’d wake up in the morning with a Power Reserve greeting.

Cases aren’t for everyone, but fortunately most cases are cheap making it easy to try one out. If you want to keep your watch in pristine condition, or you just want to avoid potential skin problems, check out a few of the ones I researched. If you use a watch protector, let us know your thoughts on how it worked (or didn’t work) in the comment section below.

Ashley from the French Quarter stole Replica Rolex

rolex replica
The New Orleans Police Department is trying to identify this woman, who is suspected of accompanying a 47-year-old man she met in the French Quarter to his apartment for more drinks, but then drugging him. The man, who was told her name was Ashley, reported he woke to find his gold Rolex replica watch, gold jewelry and $1,800 in cash was missing. (Photograph provided by the StarWatches)

A New Orleans man told police he met a petite blond named ‘Ashley’ in the French Quarter and brought her to his West End apartment for a drink last weekend. She might have drugged him, because when he awoke, he noticed that gold jewelry and $1,800 in cash had been stolen.

Police have released a photograph in an effort to identify and find the woman. The felony theft happened July 26, at the man’s apartment in the 8600 block of Pontchartrain Place, according to police.

The 47-year-old man invited the woman to his home about 4:45 a.m., after having drinks in the French Quarter, police said. At his home for another drink, he told police he “became very sleepy and fell asleep.”

He woke later to find that his gold Rolex replica watches, gold nugget ring, gold bracelet and the cash that had been on his nightstand were gone. His pants pockets also had been turned inside out, police said.

The woman is described as having a petite build, long hair and tattoo on her right leg. Police ask that anyone who can identify her call 3rd District detective Roger Caillouet at 504.658.6030, or Crimestoppers at 504.822.111 or

Gucci Taiwan Limited Replica Watches

gucci replica watches

Gucci replica jewelry, watches have requested after Han Jun Ji-hyun endorsement to drive a wave of buying, so that the industry hopes for the new Taiwan Limited Watches to grab the city, today released a new Gucci Interlocking Taiwan Limited red models, is echoed in Taiwan butterfly kingdom reputation, face plate, strap in festivity full, warm, vibrant red elaborate, with a double-G logo embellishment face plate, full of brand DNA, the Replica Watches back are engraved the words “Taiwan exclusive”, a symbol of Taiwan’s independence to sell 200 limited edition, priced at 30,000 1,000 yuan.

Furthermore, Gucci replica watches, jewelry is also optimistic about the spending power of people, will be stationed in SOGO revival opened its first store in July 20 watches, jewelry stores, to the end of July related works will be on display.

The best from Cartier, Breitling, Chopard, Dior Replica Watches

The Swiss replica watch industry might be ticking a little slower this year compared to previous years — due predominantly to a cooling market in Asia — but it’s still headed for record growth this year. That’s according to the organisers of Baselworld, the world’s biggest fake watches and jewellery fair held in the Swiss town of Basel each March. This year’s event drew a record number of visitors (150,000 people from 100 countries) who came to see the latest offerings from more than 1500 brands.

rolex replica watches

In 2014 exports of Swiss replica watches reached 22.2 billion Swiss francs (or $30.7 billion), a growth of 1.9 per cent from the previous years. And despite competition from smart watch manufacturers it is high end timepieces that are driving the growth of the Swiss industry. According to the organisers of Baselworld replica watches priced $4000 and over make up two-thirds of the Swiss watch industry.

In this month’s WISH magazine we feature 31 fake rolex watches from Baselworld and the smaller watch fair, the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, held in Geneva in January that showcase the best the industry has to offer.

Tradition and technology were equally on display this year. As well as refined and elegant offerings, such as the Omega Globemaster with its pie-pan dial and fluted bezel, there were so called horological mart omega replica watches like one by Frederique Constant which looks as far from a digital smart watch as you can get but can still be programmed to measure your steps or your sleep. Never let it be said that the Swiss replica watch industry doesn’t move with the times.

Opening of the first miniature museum theme Tissot flagship watches store

Famous Swiss replica watches brand Tissot in Shanghai Huaihai Road central business district opened the Shanghai Tissot Direct first experience store. Mr. Miss Chen Suzhen Swatch Group China president, Mr. Olivier Tissot, vice president of global sales, Miss Wang Ying, vice president of Tissot and Tissot China, global spokesperson Tony Parker went to the event, with all the guests arrived at the scene, the media and fans together to witness this touching moment.

The new flagship store Tissot Lookout List

A change in the other predominantly black store design, the new flagship store on behalf of the future and a large area with high-tech, white, and red to symbolize the passion of innovation and classic traditional black embellishment, simple and disclosed in a modern. In addition, unlike the previous single model of store sales, Shanghai flagship store Tissot is committed to build the first domestic mini museum experience, so that consumers can feel close to Tissot traditional replica watches and young brand concept, visitors can watchmaking experience the unique charm of science and technology through the power of technology.

The new flagship store will bring us an extraordinary experience, the use of the compass-style display cabinets on the first floor, from classic to sports, from fashion to nostalgia, the series of fake watches readily available, in addition to the watch display showcase, but also set up the LED screen and on-site interactive experience area to print pictures. In the stairwell to the second floor, and carrying posters depicting the history of the brand development of historical photographs on display here from 1853 Tissot’s first dual time zone watch out into 1999’s first touch screen watch Tissot T- touch was born, then born in 2014’s first solar powered touch screen watch T-touch Expert Solar …… second floor establishment Tissot thoughtful professional service center, where users will experience the most comfortable service.

Event, Tissot brand toast to the honored guests together to celebrate the new store opening, followed by a wonderful “Lion adopt green” performance, causing the scene bursts of applause and cheers, meaning prosperous way of making money. Subsequently, Mr. Francois • Tim Po global president Mr Tissot came to share the legend and the new store opening Tissot infinite joy and live all the guests, media and consumers.

Mr. Tissot global spokesperson Tony Parker traveled to Shanghai and all those present to witness this important moment. Tony Parker can be said that the legendary basketball, no wonder known to everybody. In 2001, after only 19 years old, he was as a rookie NBA San Antonio Spurs selected, then opened his own star patterns. He has won three NBA championships, three-time NBA All-Star team in 2007, it was named for the year in the NBA Finals MVP (Most Valuable Player), which is the first foreign player to receive this honor. Meanwhile, as the captain of the French basketball team, Tony Parker has accumulated hehe exploits for their country. In their own field of innovation to strive for excellence, contribution to society and the greatest degree of responsibility mission, let Tony Parker has become the best example Tissot spirit.

Mr. Tony Parker was honored at the event to accept François presented to him by Mr. Tim Po Teng-chi series of solar models, Tissot replica watches from the technical level of touch-screen technology for many years of experience, its significance is much more than a replica watch, but years of research of crystallization. The watch has more than 20 touch-screen capabilities, providing a very high degree of precision. Mr. Tony Parker also with you the top brand in the field of common experience Tissot touch technology brings the perfect experience to share bits and pieces he and Tissot media and guests, and the atmosphere is very hot.

Tissot series solar paragraph Tony Parker Limited Edition replica watches for men in its powerful functionality in a perfect blend of stylish, sporty exterior design exactly with Mr. Tony Parker fit the image, which at the same time more than watch functions to meet the needs of all of the wearer. Including dual alarm, dual time zone, weather forecast, altimeter, tide calculator, etc., up to 100 meters waterproof features 20 professional sports, the perfect interpretation of the Tissot innovation, the constant pursuit of brand essence and exploration.

Summary: Tissot Shanghai flagship store will look more focused on brand communication and interaction with customers. From Tissot brand concept watch can reflect tools are not only time display, and more showing the consumer’s personal tastes and lifestyles. Every detail of the Shanghai flagship store of all reveals Tissot professional spirit and avant-garde, dynamic, stylish brand image. Customers here are not only enjoyed shopping, and more to experience history and culture in the new shop Tissot, learn watchmaking Tissot, Tissot sporty feel. Such set “consumer experience, entertainment,” three new shopping patterns, so that customers are no longer limited to a single purchase, but the experience of the Tissot brand concept in the process of understanding between feeling and spirit Tissot.

Is Graft Crackdown Hurting Swiss Replica Rolex Watches makers?

rolex replica

It’s almost a knee-jerk reaction to say that the 8.9 percent drop in Swiss watch exports in May was connected to the introduction of Rolex Replica Watches. Yet the Chinese attack on corruption may be more to blame.

Early indications are that Rolex Replica Watch isn’t one of the company’s runaway successes. The research firm Slice Intelligence says the company has sold about 2.8 million of the devices since April. If that’s true, they are going at the rate of about 1.5 million a month. That’s not many compared with the iPhone — 61.2 million smartphones were sold in the first three months of this year — and even with the iPad (12.6 million units sold in January through March). Of course, it’s still a lot compared to the Swiss watch industry, which exports a little more than 2 million timepieces a month, but then China makes 175 million watches a month, and Swiss factories are still humming.

The underperformance of the industry is just as easy to explain by pointing out that May 2015 had two fewer working days than May 2014, and the shortfall is roughly equivalent to two days’ exports. In Europe, despite the calendar factor, Swiss watch exports grew 3 percent in May and 9 percent in the year to date as a weakening euro boosted tourist numbers. That growth hasn’t been hampered by the Rolex Replica Watch or even the strong Swiss franc.

Yet globally, the swiss replica watches business isn’t growing. That’s due to a steep drop in sales in Hong Kong, its biggest export market. Exports to the Special Administrative Region dropped 33.6 percent in May, after a 30 percent decline in April. That kind of catastrophe can’t be explained by exchange rate vagaries or even the general slump in Hong Kong retail, caused by the declining number of tourists from mainland China.

The best explanation probably has to do with the role Swiss watches play in corruption.

In 2013, Xiaohuan Lan and Wei Li, of China’s Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, discovered that luxury watch imports have increased dramatically every time China had its regular, once-in-five years power transition:

“During leadership transitions,” Xiaohuan and Wei wrote, “officials who are eligible for promotions have incentives to send gifts or money to officials who have influence over official appointments. When a new leadership team is expected to be installed, business people and officials also need to establish new connections and to form new official-business ventures.” There’s even a Chinese expression for this transition-related corruption: huan jie fu bai.

Watches play a big role in these exchanges because they are small (and therefore easy to hand over inconspicuously) but expensive — the median price of a luxury replica watch in China is $5,000 — and easy to resell if necessary.

Under President Xi Jinping, a relentless anti-corruption campaign — which even includes a ban on advertising watches as gifts to leaders — has hurt sales of many luxury items. Luxury replica watch sellers, however, are suffering more than anyone else. Earlier this month, John Idol, the chief executive officer of Michael Kors, said the iPhone and other smartphones, not Rolex Replica Watch, were driving down fake watch sales in the U.S.: “There’s clearly a younger customer, in particular, in America who is wearing watches less because they view the iPhone as something that they tell time with.”

Swiss watchmakers should worry about corruption fighters at least as much as they worry about Rolex Replica. Crackdowns on graft in some of the industry’s big markets, such as Italy, Spain or the United Arab Emirates, could be painful. In fact, Rolex Replica itself may be suffering: Think of all the $17,000 gold smartwatches it’s not selling.