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Swiss Replica Watches On The Decline As Apple Takes A Bite Out Of Low-End Demand

Swiss replica watch exports have begun to decline in the low-end and midrange segments, with the likely culprits being smartwatch makers, predominantly Apple. It is unknown if this is the beginning of the end for Swiss watchmakers or simply a bump in the road.

While some might have thought that smartwatches from tech companies like Apple and Samsung never would have affected sales from Swiss replica watch makers, exports of Swiss replica watches have fallen for the first time in six years, suggesting that perhaps Apple poses a bigger threat to the industry than previously thought.

Shipments of Swiss replica watches declined by 1.5 percent to $1.5 billion, according to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry. Exports of watches that cost less than 200 francs, or around $205, plunged 13 percent, while exports of fake watches between 200 and 500 francs, or $512, fell 24 percent.

So, while high-end Swiss replica watches are keeping their crown, at least in the meantime, the low-end and midrange segments are suffering, presumably because of the rise of the smartwatch.

Watch shipments themselves make up one-tenth of Switzerland’s exports, and in general, they have declined by 1.2 percent during the first eight months of 2015. In fact, Apple’s entrance into the market in particular has spurred midrange and low-cost Swiss watch makers to develop smartwatches or watches with smart features of their own.

In fact, there was a 1.7 percent rise in the high-end Swiss replica watch market last month, with the largest manufacturers remaining Rolex, Swatch Group and Richemont.

Only time will tell exactly how big of an impact smartwatches have on the Swiss replica watch market. It is likely that smartwatch makers will start to pursue high-end devices like the Apple Watch Edition, however, it is unknown if this will greatly impact high-end Swiss watchmakers.

Should You Get an Apple Replica Watch Protector Case


An Apple Replica Watch is elegant in design, so to many people a protector seems repugnant. Who gets a protector for a swiss watch? You wouldn’t put a protective case on expensive watches like a Replica Rolex. However, with an Apple Sport Watch designed for active use, there are some good reasons for the added precaution of a case.



Replica Watches trap oils and bacteria so it’s no surprise some people are getting rashes from an Apple watch. Other people have a reaction to the metal. While the Apple Replica Watch didn’t give me a rash — my Fitbit sure did. A fake watch protector can help some people with rashes. The protector shields the skin from most of the metal parts (except for the parts in the band). It also prevents the watch from moving around and causing friction with the metal. Without bordering on TMI, when I started wearing a protector, my wrist wasn’t as funky. Washing the protector was a breeze, too.



Apple limits the colors of the bands and the watch cases. For the sport, it’s just silver or black metal for the watch. You can pay $49 for a different band, but that won’t change the color of the replica watches uk. If your family has more than one watch, you don’t want to pick the wrong one. Just like an iPhone case, a protector adds a little individuality. My preferred protector turned my silver Sport Watch into a black one. I’m a big fan of black and green.



The obvious reason to get an Apple watch protector is to protect it. You can get Apple Care for $49 and then pay $69 to replace the glass. That coverage doesn’t include scratches – I tried and it only includes breakage. I realized how my watch was getting scratched: on the treadmill. Moving my arms back and forth caused my wrist to brush the sides of the equipment. The other cause was my workout gloves rubbing against the surface. The rubberized protector created just enough of barrier that it rubbed against those surfaces instead of the watch face.

Speaking of those gloves, they constantly hit the digital crown or side button. That was quite frustrating during working out. My protector fixed that problem, but I had to find the right one. With the heart rate monitor, a slippery wrist caused the watch to move, which affected the readings. The protector keeps the watch more in its place and prevents sliding, as mentioned under hygiene.

After a few weeks I found the place I got the most scratches is when I’d irresponsibly put my Apple Watch on the table with the face down. The protector lifts the glass just enough off the table that I didn’t scratch it as easily. Early reports say, for some users, the back of the Apple watch is wearing off. I don’t have that problem, but I’m confident a watch protector would prevent that.

Which Ones?

Although I didn’t test them all, I took a good survey of the field. Apple Replica Watch cases are a moving target, so the specifics may be out of date quickly, but cases fit into three basic categories

Basic Bumper


Most of these are under $10. I tried the Poetic’s Turtle Skins protector and it was $5.95 with free Amazon Prime shipping and a three-year warranty. It completely got the job done for me. I liked the $9.99 Luvvitt Ultra Armor case a slight bit better because it had a digital crown protector.

Reinforced Bumper


Companies like Speck make protectors that include some hard plastic along with the basic bumper material. I tried the CandyShell and it was a great protector. But I didn’t like the bulk it added to my fake watch.

Integrated Case and Band


Companies like Lunatik ($69.95) and Poetic ($24.95) sell Apple Replica Watch bands that include an integrated case. These let you completely change the look of your Apple Watch along with giving it some extra protection. I didn’t try these cases because I like my green Sport Watch band. When I get bored with that green, I’ll probably try one of these cases. However, they are more expensive than just a simple protector.

Some caveats to an Apple Replica Watch Protector

Most of these plastic covers are thin and flimsy. I couldn’t test long term, but I think with oils and sweat, they’ll break down easily. I don’t expect mine to last more than a year or so. By then my watch will probably be an antique compared to newer models.

One annoying problem I saw with all the cases is the replica watch didn’t always seat on my charger correctly. I’d have to position it just right on my charger, otherwise I’d wake up in the morning with a Power Reserve greeting.

Cases aren’t for everyone, but fortunately most cases are cheap making it easy to try one out. If you want to keep your watch in pristine condition, or you just want to avoid potential skin problems, check out a few of the ones I researched. If you use a watch protector, let us know your thoughts on how it worked (or didn’t work) in the comment section below.

Ashley from the French Quarter stole Replica Rolex

rolex replica
The New Orleans Police Department is trying to identify this woman, who is suspected of accompanying a 47-year-old man she met in the French Quarter to his apartment for more drinks, but then drugging him. The man, who was told her name was Ashley, reported he woke to find his gold Rolex replica watch, gold jewelry and $1,800 in cash was missing. (Photograph provided by the StarWatches)

A New Orleans man told police he met a petite blond named ‘Ashley’ in the French Quarter and brought her to his West End apartment for a drink last weekend. She might have drugged him, because when he awoke, he noticed that gold jewelry and $1,800 in cash had been stolen.

Police have released a photograph in an effort to identify and find the woman. The felony theft happened July 26, at the man’s apartment in the 8600 block of Pontchartrain Place, according to police.

The 47-year-old man invited the woman to his home about 4:45 a.m., after having drinks in the French Quarter, police said. At his home for another drink, he told police he “became very sleepy and fell asleep.”

He woke later to find that his gold Rolex replica watches, gold nugget ring, gold bracelet and the cash that had been on his nightstand were gone. His pants pockets also had been turned inside out, police said.

The woman is described as having a petite build, long hair and tattoo on her right leg. Police ask that anyone who can identify her call 3rd District detective Roger Caillouet at 504.658.6030, or Crimestoppers at 504.822.111 or

The best from Cartier, Breitling, Chopard, Dior Replica Watches

The Swiss replica watch industry might be ticking a little slower this year compared to previous years — due predominantly to a cooling market in Asia — but it’s still headed for record growth this year. That’s according to the organisers of Baselworld, the world’s biggest fake watches and jewellery fair held in the Swiss town of Basel each March. This year’s event drew a record number of visitors (150,000 people from 100 countries) who came to see the latest offerings from more than 1500 brands.

rolex replica watches

In 2014 exports of Swiss replica watches reached 22.2 billion Swiss francs (or $30.7 billion), a growth of 1.9 per cent from the previous years. And despite competition from smart watch manufacturers it is high end timepieces that are driving the growth of the Swiss industry. According to the organisers of Baselworld replica watches priced $4000 and over make up two-thirds of the Swiss watch industry.

In this month’s WISH magazine we feature 31 fake rolex watches from Baselworld and the smaller watch fair, the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, held in Geneva in January that showcase the best the industry has to offer.

Tradition and technology were equally on display this year. As well as refined and elegant offerings, such as the Omega Globemaster with its pie-pan dial and fluted bezel, there were so called horological mart omega replica watches like one by Frederique Constant which looks as far from a digital smart watch as you can get but can still be programmed to measure your steps or your sleep. Never let it be said that the Swiss replica watch industry doesn’t move with the times.

Is Graft Crackdown Hurting Swiss Replica Rolex Watches makers?

rolex replica

It’s almost a knee-jerk reaction to say that the 8.9 percent drop in Swiss watch exports in May was connected to the introduction of Rolex Replica Watches. Yet the Chinese attack on corruption may be more to blame.

Early indications are that Rolex Replica Watch isn’t one of the company’s runaway successes. The research firm Slice Intelligence says the company has sold about 2.8 million of the devices since April. If that’s true, they are going at the rate of about 1.5 million a month. That’s not many compared with the iPhone — 61.2 million smartphones were sold in the first three months of this year — and even with the iPad (12.6 million units sold in January through March). Of course, it’s still a lot compared to the Swiss watch industry, which exports a little more than 2 million timepieces a month, but then China makes 175 million watches a month, and Swiss factories are still humming.

The underperformance of the industry is just as easy to explain by pointing out that May 2015 had two fewer working days than May 2014, and the shortfall is roughly equivalent to two days’ exports. In Europe, despite the calendar factor, Swiss watch exports grew 3 percent in May and 9 percent in the year to date as a weakening euro boosted tourist numbers. That growth hasn’t been hampered by the Rolex Replica Watch or even the strong Swiss franc.

Yet globally, the swiss replica watches business isn’t growing. That’s due to a steep drop in sales in Hong Kong, its biggest export market. Exports to the Special Administrative Region dropped 33.6 percent in May, after a 30 percent decline in April. That kind of catastrophe can’t be explained by exchange rate vagaries or even the general slump in Hong Kong retail, caused by the declining number of tourists from mainland China.

The best explanation probably has to do with the role Swiss watches play in corruption.

In 2013, Xiaohuan Lan and Wei Li, of China’s Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, discovered that luxury watch imports have increased dramatically every time China had its regular, once-in-five years power transition:

“During leadership transitions,” Xiaohuan and Wei wrote, “officials who are eligible for promotions have incentives to send gifts or money to officials who have influence over official appointments. When a new leadership team is expected to be installed, business people and officials also need to establish new connections and to form new official-business ventures.” There’s even a Chinese expression for this transition-related corruption: huan jie fu bai.

Watches play a big role in these exchanges because they are small (and therefore easy to hand over inconspicuously) but expensive — the median price of a luxury replica watch in China is $5,000 — and easy to resell if necessary.

Under President Xi Jinping, a relentless anti-corruption campaign — which even includes a ban on advertising watches as gifts to leaders — has hurt sales of many luxury items. Luxury replica watch sellers, however, are suffering more than anyone else. Earlier this month, John Idol, the chief executive officer of Michael Kors, said the iPhone and other smartphones, not Rolex Replica Watch, were driving down fake watch sales in the U.S.: “There’s clearly a younger customer, in particular, in America who is wearing watches less because they view the iPhone as something that they tell time with.”

Swiss watchmakers should worry about corruption fighters at least as much as they worry about Rolex Replica. Crackdowns on graft in some of the industry’s big markets, such as Italy, Spain or the United Arab Emirates, could be painful. In fact, Rolex Replica itself may be suffering: Think of all the $17,000 gold smartwatches it’s not selling.

Luxury replica watch internet auction site

Luxury Replica Watches

(STARWATCHES.CO.UK) June 20, 2015 – Leatherball,Inc., based in Tokyo, began accepting auction items from countries other than Japan for its luxury replica watch internet auction site Timepeaks on June 10.

Until now, it was only possible to places bids from overseas, but it has now become possible to auction items. Users can submit items for auction with ease by simply uploading an image and entering certain required information.

Successful bidders can use Paypal to make payment to Timepeaks.

With usual internet auction sites, purchasing an expensive item from a seller requires trust built up over time,but Timepeaks can be used with peace of mind as all replica watches are checked by fake watch experts in Japan to ensure they are genuine articles before being sent to successful bidders.

Being so easy to auction items on Timepeaks has made it very popular with Japanese users too.

While other auction sites charge a bidding fee of 10%, Timepeaks only charges one of 5%.

Commission fees are usually around 30%, but we don’t charge any commission fees at Timepeaks which is another feature of our service.

The fact that you can conduct auction dealings speedily with your swiss replica watches in your own possession is another winning aspect of Timepeaks.

We currently handle a variety of brand replica watches that include Omega, Rolex, Citizen, Grand Seiko, Patek Philippe, Panerai,and etc.

Timepeaks can be accessed via the link below.

Nas Talks His Love of Rolex, Diamonds, and the Apple Replica Watch

swiss replica watches

Hip hop’s relationship with the wristwatch is tumultuous. The most successful rappers have always given younger fans brand names to aspire to and, in turn, young hip hop fans have kept watch bootleggers in business. As the wildly popular Fakewatchbusta Instagram account shows us, poor wristwear choices aren’t simply a matter of means, or lack thereof. It’s one of taste and availability. So what are we to do when we’re ready to buy a nice <strong>replica watch</strong> but don’t know anyone else who owns one? Starting today, we can do what every true hip hop fan has done at some point over past three decades. We listen to Nas.

The legendary MC and beacon of hip hop style has partnered with private watch dealer Steven Brown to launch Ownly One, a website that will offer for sale just one classic replica watches a day in limited numbers, both used and deadstock. The site will have pieces from heavyweight watchmakers like of Fake Rolex, Cartier, AP, Breitling and more, with replica watch conditions rated on a Scale of 1-10, a “3” being the lowest level available on the site (“Acceptable. May require some repair before use”), and a perfect “10” for new wristwear. But is it Nasty Nas who’s doling out the ratings? Well, no, but the guy knows a thing or two about swiss replica watches. This is the man who’s sported a different Rolex on countless magazine covers and the person for whom Hublot once threw a birthday party. To celebrate the launch of Ownly One, Nas got on the phone with to talk about his days of sharing watches with the crew, his excitement for the Apple Replica Watch and a personal goal of wearing a new watch everyday.

How did you come to get involved with Ownly One?

I feel like I’m a walking commercial, and when I wear a watch, the world sees it. I can’t tell you how many times people bought certain watches I would wear and would tell me about it: “Yo, I got this cause I saw you with it.” And I’m drawn to the history of fake watches and the business of watches, automatically.

In hip hop, swiss watches are considered jewelry exclusively. Has your perspective on watches changed over the years?

I look at it the way I looked at it when I was younger. They’re fun, they’re great, but also now there’s more sophistication to it, like keeping your watch together, not losing it, taking care of it as something that could last forever.

When was it that you were able to distinguish a watch of quality from just a watch that had a lot of ice in it?

Watches with a lot of ice came into my life a lot later after my love for replica watches, you know? The iced out part is an added on thing from your chain. Some people wore earrings even but I preferred like a pinkie ring. Later on, when I got my pinkie ring and my chain I felt like it was only right to add diamonds to [my watch]. But even in the ’70s, the ’60s, the watches were iced out. A lot of people in hip hop think it started with hip hop… Nah.

Coming up was there ever a point where you borrowed someone else’s watch to front like it was yours?

Oh, for sure. The first person I saw up close and personal with the gold Rolex—no diamonds, just a classic Presidential—who I knew, who was close to my age was a guy named Jason who we called Black Jay. I rap about him on my last album in a song called “You Wouldn’t Understand.” I speak of how he had this watch, I think he’d tell me it cost him seventeen five ($17,500) or something like that, and we were in the projects so that was far out shit! So we went and hung out at the Apollo Theater amateur night and I remember being proud to hang out with somebody who had a super grown up’s watch on. We [both] walked with more maturity and confidence, even though I didn’t have one on my arm, he did.

Later on, Steve Stoute, who was my manager back then, I remember telling him that he should get one—I couldn’t get one at that moment in time but I remember saying someone in the crew has to have one! He knew it as well, automatically. He knew he needed a grown man’s watch. We wanted to be taken seriously in this business. Again, this is before everybody was icing them out, it was just about having a great watch. So Steve had his and I remember borrowing his, for sure.

The uglier side of luxury and luxury items for rappers is that it makes them targets for robbery. Coming up, do remember being cognizant of that?

Yeah, yeah, but that was the whole point of wearing your jewelry, it was a statement. It was a statement to say, “Only a chosen few of us could wear our jewelry.” But it was rappers who would get robbed, athletes who would get robbed—but it was a great feeling for me to wear the biggest chain in the industry at the time, which was my QB medallion, so it was a big thing, it was a great exhilarating feeling to be in places like The Tunnel with all my jewelry on. I felt like that’s what hip hop was all about for me.

One of the selling points of Ownly One is that you’re getting exactly what you paid for. As someone who didn’t come from money or was developing new relationships with salespeople in these arenas, were you ever weary of making these kind of bigger ticket purchases?

Oh for sure, a lot of the jewelry dealers are ghetto-minded. And they can’t remove themselves from operating from a ghetto business standpoint, so things happen like that. And you have to know what you’re asking for and what you’re doing. I partnered with Steven Brown because he’s one of the largest watch dealers in the country and he has a large network to source out some of the most illest timepieces that exist. I have to work with experts, there’s no ghetto business over here.

The latest thing in the news cycle is the Apple Replica Watch, do you think you’ll pick one up?

For sure, I think there’s a gold one that I want.

Is it the technology that appeals to you?

Half and half. I’m still learning, but all the things that that watch can do is the next stage in technological advancement and life. Just with the flick of your wrist you can do most of the things you can do on your phone, that’s what we been looking forward to for the past few decades. There’s been rumors and stuff for years and this is the first time that we’re seeing it in our lifetime and I’m excited about it.

The watches you’d find on Ownly One, who are they for?

They’re for guys like myself who are curious about the watch game. Everybody sees hip hop artists wearing icey chains and stuff and that’s cool, but when you want to walk around day to day, you not wearing an icey watch to your job or to the bar or to your son’s birthday party or your son’s basketball game. You’re not going out like it’s a flashy night if it’s a calm, regular day. People want a watch that will represent them when they step out to dinner with their wife or girlfriend or that lady who likes a good timepiece. This is for that person.

Why is it that you guys chose a vintage Rolex to give away?

A Rolex, that’s a watch many people may want in life but never, ever get and I just felt like, What’s better than to bless somebody with a vintage Replica Rolex? It’s classy to me.

Do you think anything will ever go on to top the prestige of a Replica Rolex?

In time. But no time soon.

What goes into choosing the copy watches that you wear?

There’s so many days in your life but there’s not enough watches to accompany you throughout your life if you want to change them up every day. But that’s the thing that keeps you pushing because if you have a friend that wants to invite you to Cannes, and your finances allow you to take a trip to the watch store and buy yourself a watch to wear on a yacht—or if you’re just an average guy working a 9-5 but you want a cool watch and want to save up for one that’ll last you a lifetime, you get a breitling replica watch that you could wear to every function. So someone like me is in the middle of those two guys.

I was just given a nice watch from my friend Steve Stoute—I don’t have to borrow watches from him like I did in the 90’s—he gave me a vintage Fake Rolex for my last birthday with my kid’s initials on the back of it. The band is animal skin and it’s really nice and it goes well with suits. So it depends on your day, if you’re just going to hang out and have drinks, whatever you feel like. A watch lover wants a watch that goes with that day.

Bridging The Divide Between Smart Technology And Traditonal Watchmaking

The market for wearable tech shows no signs of relenting. And while many are still scrambling to catch the smartwatch wave, one budding startup has been making considerable inroads at delivering a product that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetic appeal at the expense of innovation. Established in Seoul and based in Hong Kong, Kairos is instead positioning itself as a “mechanical replica watches smartwatch hybrid.” Founder and Managing Director Sam Yang refers to his patented technology as “a combination of a traditional analog watch and a smartwatch rolled into one.” The 34-year-old Korean-Canadian has found a way of synergizing smart technology and classic watchmaking, keeping both equally relevant. He believes watch enthusiasts can have both. And he’s well on his way to convincing the majority of the titans in the watchmaking industry that classic replica watches can be technologically advanced while retaining their classic edge.

“The idea came about several years ago, largely driven by my passion for watchmaking,” Yang says. “I often wondered how premium watch brands like Replica Rolex or Audemar Piguet would ever go about making a smartwatch. I tried to follow that idea throughout the design process, incorporating smartwatch technology into a mechanical watch without deviating from its analog make up.” By creating a way for top fake watch brands to evolve with smartwatch technology without losing any of their unique attributes and craftsmanship presents an enormous opportunity in the watchmaking industry. And the interest Yang has experienced thus far shows no signs of abating. In just over a year, Kairos raised $2 million in pre-orders, a further $2 million from investors, and currently boasts a $45 million valuation. Japan is their biggest market, followed by Russia and Switzerland.

Apple AAPL -0.62%’s Watch and Samsung’s Gear S created a great deal of buzz within the world of horology with the release of their flagship models. But while some saw it as a leap in the right direction, purists didn’t warm to its advantages, writing the new gadgets off as bland and cheap-looking. Kairos replica watches, on the other hand, provide users with the majority of functions that the other wearable gadgets offer, such as Bluetooth notifications together with command and control systems for your camera, the lights in your home and even your vehicle, a feature Yang incorporated from his previous startup venture called Zenenis.

“Our line of replica watches are designed to simplify your life as opposed to simply being a flashy accessory,” Yang assures. “A great deal of trial and error went into singling out which specifications would be more advantageous for consumers, while carefully selecting many of the same high grade materials that go into industry-leading Swiss replica watches.” Loosely translated, Kairos is Greek for “opportune time,” making every moment an opportunity; a philosophy Sam stands by ever since his father introduced him to the term after his previous Zenesis, an alarm and remote starter security system, failed to resonate with consumers. It was Yangs’s father, a missionary who traveled from Korea to The Philippines before settling in Toronto, who convinced him that there would always be another opportunity and that when it materialized Yang should act on it.

And act on it he did. Kairos is the second most successful crowdfunded smartwatch company after Pebble. They recently partnered with Wirecard earlier this year in April, a significant deal that will enable users to make mobile payments at any NFC terminal worldwide by simply tapping the T-Band. The brand won the attention of some of the industry’s biggest players at Basel World earlier this year, and are currently developing smartwatches with Switzerland-based Sequel AG, a unit of Timex Group, CX Swiss Military Watches, Vogard Swiss Replica Watches, Storm UK and Chronoswiss. Not bad for a startup just over a year old.

But even more impressive is the list of manufacturers Kairos’ has putting together its watches. The brand has already caught the eye of Bright Success Capital – the family VC fund of Kaifa Technologies and the biggest outsourcing company for the likes of Samsung and Seagate — who are making adjustments and sacrifices to their regular supply chains normally earmarked for larger orders because they see enormous potential. “Our suppliers are our investors,” Yang notes. “What I learned from my years struggling to get Zenesis off the ground, is that having one supplier, putting all our eggs in one basket, is a strategy doomed for failure.”

Kairos alliance within the watch community is one way Yang is fortifying his brand image, a side of the business he prefers to fine-tune before widening his market reach. “This ecosystem we built can stand up to the competition,” Yang notes. “We did this solely to create a brand, something I feel is most critical when presenting to such a loyal consumer base. I could have easily sold my products online and undercut our competitors and distributors but it doesn’t work that way. At least not in the way I run my business.”

The Hybrid MSW115 DLC Coated smartwatch is one of Kairos’ bestselling models.

Yang is quick to point out that he prefers providing consumers with a product that isn’t at the mercy of rapidly evolving trends that can see new models rendered virtually obsolete within mere months. “We make sure that our customers can “upgrade” the electronic components of our product for a minimal fee. The “mass production” components of the watch are replaceable, while the top grade materials and components will last forever,” Yang asserts. “This makes our replica watches uk something you can keep for years to come, making it a relatively safe investment.”

Kairos is now seeking another $8 million to grow and expand globally. They are already on track to meet pre-orders batch but are seeking investors to continue production. Prices range from $1,190 for the Japanese Miyota movement with icon screen, and $2,549 for the Swiss movement in gold.

As with all fledgeling companies, the journey hasn’t been without its setbacks. Kairos was hit with a series of delays plaguing progress since its original pre-order campaign last June, together with a string of necessary design changes that upset many of the company’s avid backers.

But with the interest Yang has been receiving as of late, Kairos may play a large part in changing the course of traditional watchmaking for years to come. Gregory Curley is a freelance writer and founder of GBC Media Group, a global marketing communications company based in Seoul, South Korea.

Watchmakers race to get smartwatches to Swiss

Swiss replica watch shops will be stocked with a whole new range of smartwatches in coming weeks as producers race Apple to get a lead in Switzerland, the home of brands such as Replica Rolex and Patek Philippe.

Montblanc showcased an “e-Strap,” which can make a fake watch receive emails and control music playlists, at a press briefing on Friday. The device, which is clipped into the band of a watch, will go on sale at the end of this month.

The Apple Replica Watch enters Switzerland June 26, and Swiss watchmakers are scrambling to add electronic functions to their products. Elmar Mock, one of the inventors of the Swatch, said in March that the Californian company’s device may cause an “ice age” for the Swiss replica watch industry. Other experts feel it will take time before tech companies pose a threat.