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Refined style tasting Tissot T-CLASSIC force Locke series stainless steel watch

[Watch watches Tasting House] was founded in 1853, the Swiss watch brand Tissot adhering to the “innovation, from the traditional” concept, has maintained exceptional quality and precise performance.

Tissot force Locke replica watches sale with meticulous details of the deal full of elegant design. Watch House today for everyone to bring a refined and meticulous Tissot T-CLASSIC force Locke replica watches, the official Model: T41.1.483.53.
This swiss replica watches  with silver and black with two pure restrained color so watch there is a subtle beauty. Simple dial, delicate details of the deal gives a sense of refined elegance. swiss replica Watches list with outstanding build quality stainless steel round case, within 38 hours available equipped with a power reserve automatic mechanical movement.

Time and date display watch black dial, waterproof to 30 meters and features very practical. Cheap swiss Watches  with a solid steel chain straps, folding clasp. Solid steel circular crown decorated with delicate side grooved, easy to grasp to adjust on the watch function; crown top Tissot iconic letter “T”. After careful watch crown polished, rounded tentacle, take comfort.

Replica Watches sale  with a chain by a solid steel strap, short strap links have caused, in seven rows of staggered; meticulously polished combination chain link strap processed into smooth and bright, showing a steel unique metallic .

In addition, the strap fitted with a folding clasp. Round Diameter 39.3 mm and a thickness of 9.75 mm, with brushed polished bezel level case and polished clear, showing a stable and secure metal texture. Because after careful sanding, case surface is smooth, rounded edges and corners. Swiss replica Watches  black dial design simple and elegant, decorated with fine central portion has caused squares fitted grooved outer ring was smooth.

Willow-shaped pointer dial center, at the edge of a silver Roman numerals as hour markers and white minute scale, three o’clock date display window. Further, in the 12 o’clock position of the dial decorated with the Tissot brand logo at 6 o’clock there is the family name. Dial three o’clock position in a square window displays the date, in the form of a white underside of the black Arabic numerals display, black and white color display make very clear at a glance.

Swiss replica Watches lugs short delicate, its integrally molded case and lugs surface after polished, rounded edges and corners. Lugs and case connection through design ingenuity, the convergence of natural beauty. Table ear was slightly curved, allowing more wrist watch when worn and fit. Placed in the strap buckle folding table fitted with push opening mechanism, opening and closing simple, so wear more convenient. Tissot watch buckle engraved logo, highlighting the brand delicate handling of details of the office.
This watch back through the table using the bottom, on the bottom of the table engraved Tissot logo and exquisite ornamentation, distinguished and elegant. It can be seen mounted inside the automatic mechanical movement through the transparent table mirror. This movement model: ETA 2824-2, vibration frequency of 28,800 times / hour, and after  the full string can provide 38 hours of power reserve.

This swiss replica watches design is simple, exquisite workmanship, and equipped with excellent and stable movement, is an excellent watch. Watch refined style is very suitable for the elegant man, wearing the wrist can not only bring great convenience to life, but can also highlight the personal taste, highlighting the elegance, is a living can be a faithful companion


Opening of the first miniature museum theme Tissot flagship watches store

Famous Swiss replica watches brand Tissot in Shanghai Huaihai Road central business district opened the Shanghai Tissot Direct first experience store. Mr. Miss Chen Suzhen Swatch Group China president, Mr. Olivier Tissot, vice president of global sales, Miss Wang Ying, vice president of Tissot and Tissot China, global spokesperson Tony Parker went to the event, with all the guests arrived at the scene, the media and fans together to witness this touching moment.

The new flagship store Tissot Lookout List

A change in the other predominantly black store design, the new flagship store on behalf of the future and a large area with high-tech, white, and red to symbolize the passion of innovation and classic traditional black embellishment, simple and disclosed in a modern. In addition, unlike the previous single model of store sales, Shanghai flagship store Tissot is committed to build the first domestic mini museum experience, so that consumers can feel close to Tissot traditional replica watches and young brand concept, visitors can watchmaking experience the unique charm of science and technology through the power of technology.

The new flagship store will bring us an extraordinary experience, the use of the compass-style display cabinets on the first floor, from classic to sports, from fashion to nostalgia, the series of fake watches readily available, in addition to the watch display showcase, but also set up the LED screen and on-site interactive experience area to print pictures. In the stairwell to the second floor, and carrying posters depicting the history of the brand development of historical photographs on display here from 1853 Tissot’s first dual time zone watch out into 1999’s first touch screen watch Tissot T- touch was born, then born in 2014’s first solar powered touch screen watch T-touch Expert Solar …… second floor establishment Tissot thoughtful professional service center, where users will experience the most comfortable service.

Event, Tissot brand toast to the honored guests together to celebrate the new store opening, followed by a wonderful “Lion adopt green” performance, causing the scene bursts of applause and cheers, meaning prosperous way of making money. Subsequently, Mr. Francois • Tim Po global president Mr Tissot came to share the legend and the new store opening Tissot infinite joy and live all the guests, media and consumers.

Mr. Tissot global spokesperson Tony Parker traveled to Shanghai and all those present to witness this important moment. Tony Parker can be said that the legendary basketball, no wonder known to everybody. In 2001, after only 19 years old, he was as a rookie NBA San Antonio Spurs selected, then opened his own star patterns. He has won three NBA championships, three-time NBA All-Star team in 2007, it was named for the year in the NBA Finals MVP (Most Valuable Player), which is the first foreign player to receive this honor. Meanwhile, as the captain of the French basketball team, Tony Parker has accumulated hehe exploits for their country. In their own field of innovation to strive for excellence, contribution to society and the greatest degree of responsibility mission, let Tony Parker has become the best example Tissot spirit.

Mr. Tony Parker was honored at the event to accept François presented to him by Mr. Tim Po Teng-chi series of solar models, Tissot replica watches from the technical level of touch-screen technology for many years of experience, its significance is much more than a replica watch, but years of research of crystallization. The watch has more than 20 touch-screen capabilities, providing a very high degree of precision. Mr. Tony Parker also with you the top brand in the field of common experience Tissot touch technology brings the perfect experience to share bits and pieces he and Tissot media and guests, and the atmosphere is very hot.

Tissot series solar paragraph Tony Parker Limited Edition replica watches for men in its powerful functionality in a perfect blend of stylish, sporty exterior design exactly with Mr. Tony Parker fit the image, which at the same time more than watch functions to meet the needs of all of the wearer. Including dual alarm, dual time zone, weather forecast, altimeter, tide calculator, etc., up to 100 meters waterproof features 20 professional sports, the perfect interpretation of the Tissot innovation, the constant pursuit of brand essence and exploration.

Summary: Tissot Shanghai flagship store will look more focused on brand communication and interaction with customers. From Tissot brand concept watch can reflect tools are not only time display, and more showing the consumer’s personal tastes and lifestyles. Every detail of the Shanghai flagship store of all reveals Tissot professional spirit and avant-garde, dynamic, stylish brand image. Customers here are not only enjoyed shopping, and more to experience history and culture in the new shop Tissot, learn watchmaking Tissot, Tissot sporty feel. Such set “consumer experience, entertainment,” three new shopping patterns, so that customers are no longer limited to a single purchase, but the experience of the Tissot brand concept in the process of understanding between feeling and spirit Tissot.